Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Internet Sucks

Well, I am sure you can tell what I am thinking according to this entry's title. All weekend long my internet has not worked. It would tease me by letting me onto my homepage (at dial-up pace) and when I tried to go to any other page it would "Cannot Display Page" all over the place. Well, today I tried to get on AGAIN. I was just sitting here waaaaaaaiiiiiittting for my homepage to load when I thought I should use that time to straighten up my desk. When I picked up the modem, the page loaded up instantly. I wanted to check to make sure it wasn't just a coincedence with it just finally loading up completely at the same exact time as me lifting up the modem. I put my theory to the test. I went to another website while holding the modem up in the air and, voila, my internet did what it's supposed to. So, now I am doing the internet with the modem in the air. Reminds me of the good old days with rabbit ears. :)


High in Demand said...

Just consider it a light workout while you are sitting at your desk.

And click and lift and click and lift and click and lift...Feel the Burn. Your left arm will be tone in no time.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Why don't you just put some books or something under the modem so you don't have to hold it up in the air? Although Brandi's comment is great!!! Maybe you could alternate arms so they're both getting a workout!!!

It won't let me log in again but this is your favorite sister! :)