Monday, December 31, 2007

I Think It's Real

I found someone. Someone who makes me feel beautiful. Someone who makes me forget my insecurities. Someone whose voice calms me. Someone whose touch cools my fevered thoughts.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Things

There have been a few new things in my life this week. I don't want to say them all because certain people read this certain blog, but I will talk about two of them.

#1 Xander got his glasses finally! He looks so adorable! I really had no idea that his vision was so bad until he started telling me what he could see when he put them on. Every morning he would look for his shoes in the shoe closet. He would almost always tell me he couldn't find them. Then I would go stand right by him and they were right in front of him and I would get upset with him for "not looking right." I feel so bad now! He really couldn't see them! When he put them on for the first time, he looked around and said: Momma! I can see! Hey, you have star earrings Momma. Glasses are so awesome. For the past couple of days, Kalista has been trying to convince me that she needs glasses too. It's funny the stories she comes up with to convince me.

Here's one of them:
Kalista: Mom, something is wrong with me
Me: Really? Like what?
Kalista: Sometimes, I can see stuff but then all the sudden it goes away. I think I need glasses.
Me: (a pointed stare)
Kalista: What? I'm just saying there's something wrong with me.

Yeah, my sentiments exactly.

#2 I got my nose pierced!!! Yay for me! I went to the same establishment and guy as Brandi. Read here for her tale. I've had my tongue pierced 4 times and my eyebrow once. My nose hurt more than both of those. But I would have to say a lot less than my tattoos. It was super easy, super fast, and super cool. The only time the guy actually talked to me though was when he told me the aftercare instructions like he was the legal guy on the commercials (you know, at the end when they have to talk really fast to state all the legal stuff) and to ask for the money. I did give him a tip to try to improve his mood. He did give me a smile after that. I was nervous about going to work and if they would say anything. So far, not one person at my job has even noticed. So, if you see me, feel free to notice. But don't say anything rude. I'm not into that.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Because I Like Pictures

Because I like pictures, I am going to put some more up. Sorry if you're allergic to pictures with incredibly cool people in them.

Herer's Anoe and Xander actually getting along and being sweet to each other. They look gangsta.

Hopefully they will stay this sweet throughout their teenage years.

Kalista wrote this on her hand and then took a picture of it. I found it when I was uploading pictures from my camera to my computer. It summarizes the whole being of Kalista.

I can't help it! I love any picture with Xander rockin' the Mohawk. It looks so good on him!

Kalista & Xander with their dad. (for those of you wondering what he looks like)

And I absolutely love any picture with Kalista with no teef (yes, teef)

Xander closes it out by rockin out in the Ladies' Truckstop Restroom. Only he could pull it off.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Answer

So, many of you might wonder why I am the way I am. Here is the reason:

For Thanksgiving, my Mom decided to dress up. Now, usually people do this on Halloween. But not my Mother. She, obviously, likes to march to the beat of a totally different drummer. (Probably a drummer that is having acid flashbacks from the 70's)

P.S. Yes, that is a wig. Although, I have to say the wig looks better than some of her hairstyles. My Mother is a firm believer in "Bigger is Better". It can get a little scary sometimes...


I feel strange. I feel like I am waiting for something to happen but I don't know what. I keep trying to rush through each thing I do to try to get to whatever I am waiting for. I keep checking the time on the clock, but I don't have a time I need it to be. My stomach is all in tingles and I feel excited, but then I get confused because I don't have anything to be this excited about. It kinda feels like I have a song in me but I don't know the tune or the words.

On another topic, my family has been shown a bunch of favor last week. For the month of November, both Kalista AND Xander were chosen to be Student of the Month for their classes!!! Yay for my babies! I feel like such a good Mom for once. So awesome. And then, I won the Mystery Person thing in the Clyde Newspaper. My picture will be in the paper tomorrow (Wednesday) so everyone go out and buy a Clyde Journal, cut out my picture, and hang it on your refridgerators. I will be making surprise/random visits of homes to make sure this is done.
This is the photo that will be in the paper. It's actually a good one so don't miss it!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Version of "Growing Up"

I've been hearing some of my friends talking about their kids growing up and the signs of it happening, which in turn made me think of my children.

Kalista has always been a little "mature" for her age. I don't mean like, sexually, but more bossy and motherly. I am constantly having to remind her that I am the mother, not her. Or not to try to be Xander's mom. I loved it when she was 5 and she would bend over with her hands on her knees so she could get down on Xander's "level" and talk sweet to him.

But, now I have been noticing more changes in Kalista that are subtle reminders that she is growing up. Like, now she uses regular shampoo and conditioner, instead of the tear-free stuff. She brushes her own hair and puts it up in a ponytail. She accessorizes. There isn't a day that she goes to school without a bracelet, necklace, or earrings. She buckles her seatbelt without being asked. Actually she's the one who reminds Xander to buckle up. When Anoe hurt her ear the other day, she held Anoe's hand and rubbed her back. She will tell me if I have little bit too much cleavage going on. She's got my back like that.

I usually think of myself as a mother of small children. But, now, that's not so true anymore. My daughter is 7! My son will be 6 in two months!

At least I can depend on Xander not growing up too soon. Whenever I say he's a big boy, he gets mad and insists he is still a baby. Or a puppy. Depends on his mood.

Found, Found, Found!!!!!

I found my keys!! When it happened, music started playing in hte background and I started running in slow motion towards them. Then I picked them up and twirled slowly in circles and gave them kisses all over. Then I remembered that I found them in the deep crevices of my couch and ran to the bathroom to sterilize my lips.

I don't know if anyone really prayed for me, but I am VERY appreciatve of anyone who did.

Oh, and thank you God.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Needs to be Found

I lost my set of the Church keys. I have keys for every door in the church and the sole key for post office box. I don't even know where or when I lost them. I locked up the doors on Friday and on Sunday I couldn't find them. I've been retracing my steps like crazy. I really need to find them. Please say a quick, small prayer that God will reveal their location to me. Please.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Yes, I Know

Yes, I know that the pictures below are really small. They're from a camera phone so don't expect too much. If anyone would like to buy me batteries for my REAL camera, feel free. Double-A, rechargeable. Until then, no complaints.

A Nice Day Out

I hardly ever put up any pictures so I wanted to share some with y'all. I took the kids out walking around downtown Sunday and we had loads of fun. Oh, I am in love with Jim Halpert and I don't care who knows!

Alexis, Kalista, Xander, and me acting silly. Or we could be on our way to a rock concert. You never know.

These are the spider monkeys attacking a lamppost in downtown Abilene. They're dangerous!

And here we have a picture of me taking a picture of something else. It was probably the spidermonkeys.

This is me Hardcore and me Sweet.

This is me pretending that Porsche is actually my sweet new ride. (can anyone say OLD SCHOOL)

And, last, a shot from the best show EVER!! (the Office)


So, in this life, I have learned it's all about perspective. Things are as bad as you make them. At least that's how I feel. Oh, and Denial is a force to be reckoned with.

Anyway, I got a letter in the mail from the school nurse for "The Parents of Xander Aguilar" I was thinking, "Oh no." The letter said that Xander had failed his vision exam twice so he it was recommended that he be taken to an Optometrist. For some reason, it made me excited. I think kids wearing glasses are the cutest things ever! I wasn't bothered by the money I would probably have to spend on the glasses. I knew that it would be taken care of (God is good like that). So, I'm really excited about it. And since I was excited about it, it got Kalista excited, then Xander got excited also! Kalista is now jealous that she can't have any glasses.

I called to make an appointment for him this morning and they said they had an opening at 3pm. I was like, "Oh, it's on!" I picked him up early from school and rushed over to Abilene. At the office though, I found out that I brought the wrong Medicaid card. But, the receptionist lady was really sweet and said I could fax it in to them later. I said a prayer of thanks to Jesus! Xander had so much fun getting his eyes looked at, shined on, blowed on, and looking at weird shapes. When it came time to picking out the frames, he was not indecisive at all. I guess that's the man in him. He picked the first ones he tried on. Actually, when we first got there he picked out some baby blue plastic frames that were totally tacky. I shot that down real quick. I was not gonna have him pull a Paige Hafner on me. So he ended up picking out some thin-wire framed glasses that are bendy and can be twisted all ways without breaking. They will be ready in 6-10 days. I am so excited!!