Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Many of Me?

I found this website through It's really neat. You enter your name and it shows how many people in the U.S. have the same name as you.

Jennifer: 1,424,583 people

Hernandez: 586,953 people

Jennifer Hernandez: 2,735 people

Jennifer is the 21st most popular first name in America!! Crazy. It also said that 99.9% of the people with the name Jennifer are female. What a coincidence! I'm a female!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smart Car

I've been searching for a car to buy lately. I'm looking for something nice, affordable, and that speaks to my soul.

Until I get there, I want to show you my dream car. This is the car I would buy if money were not an option. Or if I didn't have any children.

You see that sweet ragtop this one has? Yeah, that's not standard.

The Devil is My Pet

Last night while I was washing dishes I could hear Xander yelling at Roscoe, our puppy. Since Roscoe is still a puppy he doesn't mind very well. I wasn't sure what Roscoe was doing to make Xander mad but I wasn't too worried about it because Xander is always getting upset with Roscoe. Roscoe is very much a puppy and loves to chew, chase, romp around, and pretty much terrorize any sock that happens to find itself not put away.

Tony's mom, Lisa, took my children to the World of Wheels exhibition on Sunday after church. I've never been to one so I'm not sure what all is there except for some cool looking cars. While there, Lisa bought Xander an inflatable Spiderman Hammer thing. Why Spiderman would endorse a blow-up hammer is beyond me.

Anyway, Roscoe was attacking Xander's Spiderman Hammer. Xander was trying to get it out of Roscoe's ferociously clawed mouth when it popped. This made Xander go off the deep end. That's when I heard Xander scream at the puppy "YOU'RE THE DEVIL ROSCOE!!!!"

Poor Xander. I had to stop washing dishes because I was laughing so hard. Xander came in with his quickly deflating Spiderman hammer very upset. Tony told him he could fix and put tape over the puncture "wounds" Xander is still a little mad at Roscoe. Hopefully, they'll be able to patch up this little bump in their friendship.

Here's the guilty perpetrator of the heinous crime. (I'm not even sure he can see anything.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Late Resolutions

Have I ever mentioned that I am a huge procrastinator? Well, I am. That's why I only blog every other blue moon. Anyway. I've been thinking about what resolutions I want to do this year. I'm tired of doing the same old ones like "I want to lose weight" or "I want to be more wise with my money" or "I want to stop buying velcro on the black market"...Just kidding about that last one. Here are some REAL resolutions that I can actually attain. I came up with 9 since it's 2009.

1. I resolute to wear my seat belt every single time I drive anywhere.

2. I resolute to eat out one time less each week.

3. I resolute to teach Xander how to tie his shoes.

4. I resolute to get a plant and not kill it within a month.

5. I resolute to be more active with my children's school work.

6. I resolute to throw away left overs sooner.

7. I resolute to try more "stuff" with my husband.

8. I resolute to buy picture frames for my pictures that are sitting in a box.

9. I resolute to not throat punch anyone this year.

I'm not promising I can keep all of them but I think #9 will probably be my easiest one to keep.
At my job I am responsible for keeping track of attendance and membership. Since the church I work at has an average age of 45-65, we have more funerals than most churches (at least I think). Last year, it seemed we had at least one funeral every month. It was getting kind of weird.

Today I had to take someone off our membership rolls because of death. Usually it doesn't bother me too much because the person isn't someone I know too well. Today I did know the person well. Today we had her funeral at the church. She was such a sweet woman. She was 60 and played the drums for the worship band for the Methodist church. She was just as into Twilight as I am. In fact, she let me borrow the last two books because I couldn't wait for mine to be delivered. She always told the funniest stories that you wouldn't think a 60-year-old woman would tell. She was musically gifted. It seemed like she could play anything sh picked up. I got to see her play the drums, guitar, all kinds of handbells. I learned at her funeral that she once took a belly dancing class.

I miss Susan Black.