Thursday, November 30, 2006

cute faces in beautiful places

The best BFW table ever!

Update on the Upperlip Situation


Yeah, come to find out that I was so right and it is NOT cool to have scabs around my mouth. Go figure. Pretty much 80% of my upperlip is still numb and another 25% is scabbed over, only my left side though. Kalista was trying to help me out earlier and was trying to wipe it away. She thought I had ketchup on my face. What a sweet little girl.

Oh, and upon closer investigation (me just staring into my compact mirror for a few hours at my scabby upperlip), I have found three hairs that were not acidized off. Can you believe it! I practically have a cleft lip, but I still have a 3-hair moustache!

Everytime I see someone, I have the almost uncontrollable urge to explain to them that it isn't herpes, that I just spent too much time with Nair on my face, that I am not contagious and would they please stop staring at it! Boy am I glad it's almost the weekend. It'll give me time to recuperate from this Beauty War wound.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Look, Ma! No Hair!

So, lately I have kinda noticed that the hair on my upper lip has been a little too dark and long to ignore anymore. Last night, before going to bed I decided to just Nair it off. Well, I didn't want to just sit there and wait the whole lousy 3 minutes for it to work, so I went to read my kids a book before they went to sleep. They thought it was funny and kept them quiet while I was reading. Xander said he wanted a white moustache too. Maybe later... So, there I am reading to my kids about a mouse who sleeps in a nativity scene house and my upper lip is on fire! But I couldn't stop in the middle of the story so I was trying to read as fast as possible without losing the meaning of the wonderful and heart touching story. As soon as the story ends, I throw the book to Kalista, ask her to put it up and get in bed, then rush to the bathroom to get the acid off my face.

I was able to get it off just fine, along with all the unwanted hair, and a little bit of the wanted skin.

Even as I am typing this right now, my lip is swollen, red, and numb. I am pretty sure I fried some of the nerve endings on there. I am developing a nice little scab on the left side. So, instead of the hair moustache, I have a scab moustache. And I may be wrong, but I don't think the guys think it's real sexy to have scabs near girls lips. I don't know, maybe it's just me or I could be out of touch with the kids these days, but that's just what I think.

Anyway, I thought that people should beware the dangers of Nair and upperlips. Maybe I can get Kathy Hawk to lay hands on my face and declare a healing in the name of Jesus on Sunday. I will keep you updated!

Monday, November 27, 2006

How long does this last?

Has anyone else had a super surreal moment in life? I did today.

Kalista has had a raging bout of lice. Every time I get rid of it, she comes back from school infested all over again. Anyway, that's just the background story to this sordid tale. So, Amanda and I were in the bathtub with Kalista (all of us were dressed! geez, get your hand away from the phone to call CPS people!!). Anyway, before I was rudely interrupted. We were putting olive oil in her hair to suffocate the lice and nits and I was asking Kalista about her school and class and such. I was trying to get her mind off bending uncomfortably over the bathtub while putting this smelly stuff in her hair. So we were conversating nicely about this. And then she says, "Momma! You know daddy's girlfriend? Her daughter's name is Sarah, and she is the new girl in my class at Taylor Elementary (yes, she says Taylor Elementary every time she talks about her school)." She kept talking about it but I zoned out. What is the reasoning behind this? Why of all the freaking schools in Abilene, and kindergarten classes in Taylor Elementary, did she have to be placed in my daughter's? I'm not sure why this hurt me so much. I know that he isn't doing this to me on purpose. It made me feel like he is not only replacing me but replacing our daughter now. I went to another room to be by myself after a few minutes. I started praying immediately to God to help me understand the meaning of this. To help me understand why God is putting these things into play. To help me not be filled with murderous rage. Is it possible to forget someone who you shared a bed with for almost 7 years? who you have two beautiful children with? who knew the way i liked my towels folded? who knew my system to hanging clothes in the closet? i just want to know Lord, when does this end? How long does this last?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Pray for my Son

There has been something strange going on with Xander this week. His teacher sent a note home with him describing some of his behavior. He wouldn't play at the playground, he won't participate in Motor Lab (P.E. for Pre-K), he won't eat his food at lunch, and at naptime, he goes straight to lay down instead of fidgeting and playing around like normal. At home, he is still pretty normal but has been complaining of constant tummy aches, but nothing is really wrong. He doesn't have a fever, his stomach isn't hard or overly firm, he's been using the restroom fine. He hasn't seen his father in about 10 days and he didn't get to go to counseling this week. I think he is depressed. He just isn't acting like my normal Xander. I mean, Xander's normal isn't like other kids' normal but I know my baby's behavior and this is not it. At dinner tonight, he started grabbing his rice off his plate and shoving it into his mouth, fistful after fistful. It was like he got into a frenzy all the sudden. At first I didn't even say anything because I was so shocked, then I finally had to stop him. That kind of thing is so not Xander. Usually, when he eats, he kind of spaces out until he gets full, then he gets up and leaves his food wherever he is. I have no idea if anyone ever reads this, but I just ask for you to pray for comfort for Xander and wisdom for me to know what is bothering my son and what I can do to help him.

Personal Savior

I have heard the phrase, "Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior" so many times. I never really thought about, just heard and used it as a kind of cliche. Today, I was reading one of my dear dear friend's blogs, and it hit me just how personal God really is. I was thinking about her hardships and difficulties that she has been having with her son. I was also thinking about the difficulties that I have been going through in my life. Our problems are in completely different areas, but we know each other's pain in our hearts. God has put situations in both our lives that are perfectly fitted to our minds, personalities, and our faith. He has brought us through these "deserts" to help us grow in each of these areas. I can't say this for sure for my friend, but the area where I am hurting and going through so much pain and sacrifice is the exact area that has been source of separation from God. God knows me. I mean, He knows me. He knows exactly what it will take to bring me to where I need to be to worship Him fully and selflessly. He knows what hurts me the most. He knows what can bring me to my knees. He knows what brings me complete joy. He knows my thoughts when I first wake, my last thought before I fall to sleep. He hears my prayers. He loves me. That above all else: He LOVES me. I know that He won't go beyond what is absolutely necessary grow my soul. My Father. How wonderful is that? My Father!
Psalms 139