Sunday, January 28, 2007


Okay, usually I don't like to do things that other people are doing just because they are doing them. But I was reading Pam's 100 list and I just really wanted to make one of my own, so here it is. 101 things I Love!

  1. the Holy Spirit
  2. Grace
  3. Kalista
  4. Xander
  5. Amanda, my soul mate
  6. Alexis
  7. Anoe
  8. forgiveness
  9. Rev.
  10. Wrigley Spearmint gum
  11. Q-tips
  12. reading my friends' blogs
  13. seeing my name listed on my friends' blogs links
  14. dinner at erica's
  15. my new refridgerator (pictures coming soon)
  16. my garage door opener
  17. my spongebob mouse
  18. spongebob mousepad
  19. spongebob keyboard stickers
  20. the really cool lipgloss from bed, bath, and beyond Brandi told me about
  21. Cherry Mikeska's daily dose of telling me I'm beautiful
  22. paychecks
  23. hearing the bells chime every day every hour from 9 am to 9 pm
  24. my pink hawaiian watch that glows
  25. Tide with downy
  26. kissing the skin on my children's necks
  27. blogging
  28. apple butter
  29. balsamic vinegaraitte
  30. the good memories with marcos
  31. my mom's laugh
  32. when my sister braids my hair
  33. fridays
  34. online billpay
  35. macaroni and cheese
  36. hydrogen peroxide in my ear
  37. curves workout
  38. friends who don't judge
  39. being lice-free
  40. fire extinguishers
  41. old navy online
  42. looooooooong, hot showers
  43. internet
  44. not having to buy diapers
  45. God is remolding me
  46. the smell of wood burning
  47. cell phones
  48. favorite pens
  49. coffee cups with cute sayings
  50. nike pumps
  51. velcro
  52. bleach
  53. neosporin
  54. the water fountain in my refrigerator
  55. the ice maker in my refrigerator
  56. the memory of my father
  57. who I am today and delivered from who I was yesterday
  58. independent films
  59. my womb
  60. Kingdom Life Fellowship
  61. sunflowers
  62. America
  63. random ice storms that bring Texas to a screeching halt
  64. technology
  65. inventions
  66. doorknobs (think about how hard it would be without them)
  67. hearing my children breathe while sleeping
  68. becky's beautiful photographs
  69. rachel's open heart
  70. erica's awesome hair
  71. brenda's unmistakable laugh
  72. cherith's bouncy hair and personality
  73. my future husband God has waiting for me
  74. schwan's
  75. pam's understanding ways
  76. unsweet peach tea from sonic
  77. Mexican Fridays at Little Pit
  78. lime green
  79. the way erica never gets frustrated or irritated with me and AALLLL my cooking questions
  80. carmex
  81. favorites (as in the list you keep on the internet of your favorite sites)
  82. long hair
  83. the last day of my period
  84. worshiping
  85. my revlon flat iron (although, a chi would be better)
  86. BFW women's retreat
  87. gospel gangsta rap
  88. in-door plumbing
  89. five lines on my clearwire modem
  90. children's motrin
  91. oh, i was kidding about #87
  92. freshly cut grass
  93. kalista's mole on her back that I have in the same exact place
  94. a fresh, new package of computer paper
  95. being the first one to drink out of the milk jug
  96. waking up by myself with no alarm clock
  97. my brother's salvation that is going to come soon
  98. the awesome, wonderful, magnificent, trustworthy, beautiful husband God is preparing for my sister
  99. organized milk (read pam's blog to understand)
  100. penecillin
  101. (good) hygiene


the_a_team said...

OK I was laughing with a lot of these but I smiled during all of them except one! The whole husband thing for me is not that exciting! I'm really happy in my current state and you know that! Love you anyways! But I would have to say if we were opposite sexes of each other we really could be soul mates!

Francesca said...

Great List! I love that you put things we take for granted on a daily basis. Inndoor plumbing, doorknobs. Life would suck without them. :)