Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Latest Edition of Jennifer's Drama

Allright, I've had my breather. I'm ready.

My wedding is back on but not for the originally planned date. We have officially rescheduled for March 20, 2009. Anyone who has a Save-the-Date card from me, throw it away. There were many issues in our relationship that both of us were trying to ignore but somehow, they were still coming up. You know, Denial is not a river in Egypt....

A factor in our postponement is finances. It's actually one of the biggest ones. It was almost 2 months to the wedding and we still hadn't bought half of the things needed. So pushing it back another 6 months will allow us more breathing room in this department. Our two other main issues relationship-wise are trust and control. Crazy how those go hand-in-hand. We're working on those right now also. I'd appreciate prayers, encouragement, helpful hints, or whatever else positive tid-bits that could help us from y'all. I also want to say Thank You to everyone while I was going through another bout of drama. But I mean, it's me. What else do you expect?

Oh, and I mention the person(s) once again who left me groceries in my kitchen (also known as Breaking & Entering, but I won't tell anyone). I don't think they got proper recognition when I blogged about it the first time because right after that I dropped a bomb shell on everyone. So, anyway, shout out to whoever you are!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Okay, I'd like to ask for people to not ask about my latest drama. There's no easy one line answer. And really I just don't feel like talking about. The reason I put it on here was so that I could avoid telling people that there is no wedding and so I wouldn't have to answer a lot of questions I'm not ready to answer. I know I probably sound rude, harsh, or like a bitch, but right now I just don't have a lot of politeness and fake-nice in me. Something major in my life has just died and I am just trying to deal with it. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. Really.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Un-Save the Date

I don't really feel like getting into it or talking about it. Just suffice it to say that November 7th is no longer reserved. Feel free also to let everyone know. I am not wanting to call everyone personally and talk about it.

Mystery Groceries

I love the way God blesses me without even asking. I found these in my kitchen Friday when I got home from work.
My family was needing groceries seriously. But I didn't just get groceries, there was laundry soap, shampoo & conditioner, dish soap, paper towels and even little snacks for the kids. The kids loved that because I hardly ever get them stuff just for them. I don't know who left these groceries for us (good thing i leave my doors unlocked. ssshhhhh! don't tell anyone that!). The only clue I do have is a piece of paper left in one of the bags that I think they used to write the grocery list on. Here is Exhibit B:
So, if anyone out there knows who the "culprit" is, please tell them thank you and I greatly appreciate it. I love Mystery Groceries!!