Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm sure many of you who live in Clyde have driven by the Methodist church and seen what we are up to lately. Here are some pictures of the destruction of the Fellowship Hall and two trees that were in the playground area. I never knew the noises a tree could make before witnessing the tearing down of these 75-year-old trees.

Right now, they are leveling out the ground to make it straight. I'm confused on how they can make the ground is level, but I'm sure there is a way otherwise why would they spend so much time pushing dirt around?

Anyway, I've been identifying with a lot of this construction stuff. The old Fellowship Hall wasn't built on a solid foundation so the structure developed cracks and started shifting. The building was also restricting a lot of the new things we wanted to do. There just wasn't enough room and it wasn't practical for our new ministries. It also just didn't look pretty. There were no windows, only two doors on one side of the building, and had paneling (I shudder every time I think about it.) I'm learning that my heart was not built on a solid foundation so now it's unstable and has lots of cracks (but thank goodness, no paneling). I am entering a season of rebuilding and renewing. Exciting, tough, scary, exhausting, lovely, and more. I am rediscovering my relationship with my true unconditional Father. I am discovering a new love for my husband. My love as a mother for my children has been renewed.