Friday, December 22, 2006

Can I Get a Witness?

I am so blessed y'all! I spent the night for the first time in my new house last night! Yay for me! My house has an automatic garage door opener, doorbell, built-in microwave, AND is like less than a 10 yards (as in 3 feet each, not like people front yards) away from my work!!!!!! A very wonderful woman named Sue Bell (some of you know her, some of you dont [who "you" are, i have no idea]) let me borrow her truck and very expensive enclosed trailer to move my furniture and belongings yesterday. She is so sweet! One time there was a little festival here in Clyde that my sister and I were going to take the kids to but when we got there, we realized that they charge just to get in and then everything in there cost money. With 2 adults and 4 kids, that really adds up. So Amanda and I were walking away when I saw Sue and she asked why we were leaving and I told her why. She slipped me a $20, gave me a hug, and told me to buy something for the kids. Just thinking about it now, it makes me tear up! She is so wonderful! Well, anyway, Sue let me borrow the truck and trailer yesterday. She trusted me with it to take it home and everything!! Can you believe it?? Obviously she has never witnessed me driving! :) Then my brother acted very out of character for him and came over to help my sister and me move my furniture into the trailer. He even backed it up for me because I had no clue what to do with that thing. So far, we have moved my bed, gigantic-2-ton TV, entertainment center, two couches, and lots of boxes with junk in it. On a side note, we brought all that major stuff right? Well, what we did NOT bring was: toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, makeup, my facial stuff (have to do that every single night), blankets, or towels. So, yeah we made a little quick trip to Allsup's last night for at least some T.P. I guess we just got so excited! Oh, oh! Something else cool about my house is that there is a lamplight in my frontyard. It is beautiful! Also there is a fake well too! How cool is that!!!!!!! I feel so grownup! It's crazy. I feel like I have finally arrived in Adulthood-dom (i know, i know, not a word, but who cares? This is my blog darn it!).


Pamelotta said...

I can't wait to come over and visit!!! I'm so excited for you. Yep, you get a bunch of adult points when you get a real house. I am pretty partial to "Aunt Sue" also. She takes care of just about everyone.

Pamelotta said...

I should have started my comment with an "Amen Sistah!" Oh well.

Agent B said...

great to hear it. Big congrats!