Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thy Will Be Done. Not Mine, but Yours

I absolutely love my Church's Pastor. Today he gave a really awesome sermon (when doesnt he?) about the hindrances that keep us from worshiping God fully. And on one of my other blogs, a friend of mine had left a comment about me letting God heal my wound. She was 100% correct. She said that sometimes it is really painful for us to let go of the wound so God could clean it out. During today's sermon, I realized that was what I was doing. I was scared to uncover it, to show it all to God, to let Him just dig deep and get all the yucky stuff out. I wanted to keep it covered and try to ignore it while it got infected and festered into a big huge ugly oozing thing of hate, hurt, resentment, and unforgiveness.

This is my declaration RIGHT now: I am giving over this broken heart to You, God. I know this will hurt. I won't get the "justice" I think I am deserving. But I know You will make me whole again. Your love will fill me and give me new life. I give all this up to You Lord. Everytime I have followed You in the past, I grew, was blessed, and filled even more with Your spirit.


Anonymous said...

I know how hard it is for you to do this! I'm so very proud of you though!!! I love you very much. I know God will heal you! Just keep thinking about the illustration Rachel used at church on Sunday. I know she used it to show the importance of tithing, but the same goes for those who give it all to God. Whether it be tithing, or just giving your problems over to God. I really am proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I get so frustrated when I'm unable to log in so I have to leave anonymous comments! But I'm sure you can now tell who this is from! (Just in case you can't, it's your sister crazy!!)

Anonymous said...

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