Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Forsake You in the Name of Jesus!

Okay, the title might be a little dramatic but I am feeling kind of desperate right now. About two months ago, Kalista came home with lice. Ever since then, I have washed her and Xander with RID four times, NIX two times, sanitized our whole apartment seven times, covered her head in olive oil 3 times, cut my and Kalista's hair, shaved Xander's head, I even stayed at my sister's house for the whole Thanksgiving break after sanitizing my apartment, and still we have lice. I am so at a lost about this. Right now, Kalista's hair is saturated in Olive Oil with a plastic bag over it. Before doing it today, I prayed over it. I don't know if Jesus heals cases of lice, but I am sincerely hoping He does. Does anyone have any "special" tricks to getting rid of lice or can think of anything that I might have not possibly tried? We are fixing to move this week and I do NOT want my children to have lice going to a new school. Even if you don't know of anything to help, please just pray for us. I am tired of stressing about this and crying over it. For some reason, this has just got me feeling really defeated.


Bloomin' Cactus said...

You are an overcomer -- lice or no lice. The only thing I can think of is to stay in one place and get it gone. When our kids had it in Oklahoma, everyone was under "house arrest". They didn't go anywhere. They stayed home and did the olive oil, someone use Mayonnaise, some used baby oil. Everyone cleaned their houses (just like you have) and they stayed put for like a week. They threw away all hairbrushes, hair bows, hats, caps, etc.

I am believing God is going to get rid of those things. He's bigger than they are!!! ;)

Pamelotta said...

Yes!!! God can overcome lice!!! If He can overcome pinworms, He can overcome lice. And since we're being so honest, pinworms are way more disgusting and waaaaaaay harder to get rid of! Ewww. It's grossing me out just remembering the whole episode.
Game night is Friday night. 5:30 for fellowship, and promptly 6:30 for games. Bring your competitive spirit!!! Holla! (I always wanted to have someone to say that to!!!)