Thursday, December 14, 2006

What did you say?

One day when I had picked up the kids from daycare, Anoe was telling me a story about something that happened that day. Well since Anoe tends to have a lot of "talks" I was only half-listening. Then at the end, I heard her say, "Iss me Hoff." I didn't understand her so I said, "What did you say?" She said, " Sissy was being mean at daycare and she piss me off." She just said so matter of factly. I was trying very hard not to laugh so she wouldn't think it was a good thing to say those things. I very calmly tried to explain to her not to say that word but she just kept saying "But, Ninnie (that's what she calls me) she piss me off!" I finally got her to understand that is a bad word and suggested other words she should stay instead. Gotta love her passion.

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