Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some Fun Stuff

So, after my last totally serious post, I wanted to bring some light-heartedness back in the hiz-ouse!

These are my AWESOME tattoos. Go ahead, be jealous. I'll wait.

This is Eric. The coolest guy EVER. See? His gang signs proves it.

My baby nephew Mason. He already looks so serious!

Xander shaking his cute little booty. Why? Because he can. That's how he rolls baby!

Kalista and Tyler, Tony's nephew hanging out. (yes, I know they're on a bed AND he's touching my baby. Don't worry, they were very closely supervised.)

This is the Pastor praying with my Mom & Step-mom at their wedding.


Pamelotta said...

I love picture posts! More! More!

Did you get a scanner, or was that last one taken with a digital camera?

Jennifer said...

The last one was taken with a digital camera. I have some more pictures from the wedding that I was thinking of posting. Don't worry. There isn't anything questionable. Well, except for my mom showing cleavage.