Friday, April 11, 2008

Rhymes with Shmiarrhea

That's right, diarrhea. Xander has been hit hard with diarrhea. Last night or really this morning, at 4 am he woke up running to the bathroom. Thankfully, he made it but it was still a little messy. I cleaned him up and noticed he had a fever. And because I am a genius, I keep my thermometer at work so I didn't get a measurement on it. I just know he was HOT. So, I slapped some Tylenol down his throat and we went back to sleep. Well, while we were getting dressed for school this morning he "went" no less than 4 times. I made the executive decision to keep him home for the day. Which turned out to be good because he has been in the bathroom at least twice an hour all day. I feel so bad for the little guy. All that poopin' has pooped him out.!! He seems on the mend though. Don't worry, I've been stuffin him full of electrolytes and such.

Anyway, this recent bout of diarrhea reminds me of another time that Xander had diarrhea that was a lot more messy a few weeks ago. It was horrible. It was the stuff blogs are written about. (hee hee)

Xander had already gone home that day after getting off the bus. As I was pulling into the driveway after work, I knew something was up because he came out to meet me before I could get into the house. He put his hands up to me in a stopping motion and said, "Okay, Momma, there really emergency." in his cute little boy voice.

I said, "Oh yeah?"

"I eat too much chips and I really go poop."


So, I walked in the house and the smell hit me like a brick wall of nastiness. There was a trail of diarrhea from the living room all the way to bathroom. And next to the bathroom, there was diarrhea running down the wall. I still can't figure out how it got there since it started at a place that is much higher than his bottom. I don't know. Some things are better left unknown.

I could also see that he had tried cleaning up. There were about 6 still unfolded clean towels over the larger piles of messiness. That really touched me. Not very many six-year-olds will clean up their own watery poop, much less full grown men.

I could tell that he was worried that I was going to be mad because of the mess. How in the world could I get upset over this??? I just told Xander that everything was fine and I would clean it up and put him in the shower.

While I was stripping his clothes off, he told me, "You're the best momma."

I wish I could have had a recorder or something with me right then. I know I am going to need that when he is convinced I am trying to ruin his life when he's a teenager.


Pamelotta said...

I can just hear him saying that. He's soooo cute!

You know, Glenda's daughter, Halle, had really bad diarrhea on Friday also. Just like you described. Are they in the same class? I guess it's going around.

MONICA said...

That was a really funny, gross and endearing story all rolled up in one. I got a bit teary-eyed remembering my poopy son giving me the same relieving sentiment. Aahhh...the joys of motherhood! Gotta love it!

Ashlee said...

There has been a similar stomach bug going around here...can you believe it..that virus is national!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh! that is soooo sweet! you are the best momma!