Friday, April 04, 2008


Okay, for all you non-hardcore NKOTB fans (as if they actually exist), that means New Kids On The Block. Get it straight and remember it. I will refer to them as NKOTB from here on out.

Anyway. My favorite boy band of ALL TIME is having a reunion tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine me squealing like a 12-year-old little girl and jumping up & down!!! Oh my GOSH!!! Can you believe it!!!

All we can do is just stand in agreeance in prayer they will come somewhere close to abilene. Heck, it doesnt have to be that close either, it just has to be in Texas, maybe even Oklahoma. I should probably call Kathy Hawk to pray about this.

Okay, I gotta go. I have a lot of work to do. I have to go find all my NKOTB paraphenelia.

Hang Tough guys!


Amanda said...

I think going to a NKOTB concert might even be better than spending a week at the beach. I'm not totally sure, but I'm pretty sure! Can we "rat" our hair up and do the whole "waterfall" thing with our bangs? I'm so excited!!!!

Anonymous said...

ok, so i was trying to figure out the name of the band the whole way through the blog. i thought you were refering to me/us/i don't know who as nkotb. anyway, after a second reading, i got it. and no, i've never even heard of them. but, i am like 18.

anniepooinclyde said...
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anniepooinclyde said...

anniepooinclyde said...

Rachel said...

I am . . I mean was a HUGE GIGANTIC NKOTB fan!! I had posters all over my room and Joey was my boyfriend!! I did hear a few months ago they were getting back together, but can they be as good now as they were then?!?! I'm not so sure. Let's hope so, though! ;)

trish said...

I will bow out of this "club" a woman has got to draw the line somewhere. Can we still be friends, after all I did own parachute pants, have a multi-zipper Michael Jackson Jacket and we have a similar head banging experience.

Pamelotta said...

I think I'm gonna have to go with Trish on this one. All I can say is I hope it turns out to be everything you remember it to be.

My roommate in college was a NK0TB fan, but she also worshipped Weird Al Yankovic. Let me guess, you're a big fan of Al, too.

Ashlee said...

I LOVED NKOTB as well. I had a playhouse in my backyard that was totally decked out in photos. I thought Jordan was SOOOO cute and good looking. I'm not sure I'd go to a reunion concert but I remember walking down to Jacob's meat market here in Appleton as a kid to buy cover girl makeup to put on in my placehouse. We had a little club and we called ourselves, "The Cover Girls". Ahh, enough about me and my weird NKOTB obsession..

High in Demand said...

Okay, I totally loved the bad boy! Actually every guy I liked before Randy was the bad boy. I fell for Randy because he was so sweet!

Anyway, I was a huge fan! I had all the gear...BUT a strange turn of events happened in the fifth grade!

I went Anti-NKOTB. My best friend was so over NKOTB so I followed her crazy thinking.
One Saturday she came over to my house and we got out our NKOTB sweatshirts. Then we wrote rude stuff all over them like...New Kids stink like the bathroom. Ya know, stuff like that. I even got a pair of my jeans and we used "puff paint" to write all the down the pant legs...NEW KIDS SUCK!!!!!

Okay, well, Monday we wore out outfits. That didn't last long.

Melanie, my friend only had a shirt on and for some reason she thought ahead and wore a shirt underneath hers so all she had to do was take off her shirt.
It wasn't so easy for me.
I didn't have any extra clothes and if you remember I also had the fancy jeans!
My Mom didn't answer the phone when they called her. (By the way...did she even see what I had on that morning?)
SO, I had to wear some great selections from the LOST and FOUND. I went from Cool Anarchist to Design on a Dime.

ALL that to say...heck yes I would like to go! I probably owe them a face to face apology for my outburst in the fifth grade. I need to be forgiven.

Also, the bra that I can throw at them now is a lot bigger than it was back in the fifth! Impressive!

High in Demand said...

That was the longest comment EVER.

Rachel said...

Brandi, you're hilarious!!