Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What is the DEAL!!!

I love my children. I, of course, think they are the most beautiful beings created by God. I think they're laughs sound like angels getting wings. I could live off of their kisses and hugs. Kalista can sing like no one I've ever heard and Xander can dance like no one I've ever seen.

That said, they drive me crazy!

Why, Why, Why!! Why is it that the ONLY time they both voluntarily flush the toilet is when I am taking a shower?!? They could literally go days without flushing the darn thing, then the minute I try to take a nice shower they have to pee and flush the toilet. What is the deal with that? And why do they seem physically incapable of closing a door? Is there some kind of force field between their hands and the door knob I am not aware of? Why do they have to watch t.v. with the volume cranked up to hearing impaired level? Why am I the only one in the house that can hear the water faucet left on? And, can someone please explain to me why all the windows in my car seem to have a very focused gravitational pull to dirty hands?

I just don't understand.


Amanda said...

It's called motherhood! Enjoy it while it lasts! And I agree with Xander's dancing skills! You should check into putting him on that MasterCard commercial where it has the little boys doing the robot or something. He would be awesome for that commercial.

High in Demand said...

multiply that times 5 for me!

I thought my kids were the only ones that didn't flush!