Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am not into Feng-Shui at all. I personally believe it's a bunch of bull-hockey. But I do believe that arranging an office in a certain way can improve efficiency, productivity, and general well-being in a person who is stuck under flourescent lighting all day.

My office decor looks like a catholic/country store garage sale threw up in it, then threw some papers, notebooks, christian supply magazines, binders over it all to try to clean up the mess, and then in the middle of it all gave up. My office is probably the most inefficient office ever. My office would be the poster-office for Before pictures in extreme makeover shows. My office would be the kid who never has matching socks, gum in hair, two-sizes too small clothes, finger up nose, and wears a Barney backpack in 5th grade. It really is a sad state. Another thing about my offic ethat irritates the heck out of me is the fact that everyone who comes in feels the innate need to leave whatever happens to be in their grubby little hands on my desk or very nearby. Do you know what this does to my need for organization??

All that to say that I have rearranged my office. It looks so beautiful now! Well, the weird religious pictures with glitter and country bunny stuff is still hanging up because evidently a cousin of a brother of a friend gave it to the church long ago which makes it sacred now. There were two desks sitting on opposite sides of the room that are now moved together to make an L-shape desk. My area is moved back farther from the entrance and closer to the wall so it is more well-defined. I moved the filing cabinets (i have four of them in here that are all different colors and sizes) to less conspicuous spots. It's a pretty sweet set up. If I can ever charge up the batteries, I'll take some pictures for everyone. Because I just know that everyone is dying to know what my office looks like. I probably should have taken some Before pictures of the whole mess. Maybe I can put everything back to the way it was... I don't think so!


Anonymous said...

i love re-arranging rooms! you wouldn't be able to tell by my house, because it's pretty small-there aren't that many arrangements that work. but, give me space and several large items to fill it, and i'll go crazy! can't wait to see your new digs.

High in Demand said...

You crack me up!