Thursday, September 06, 2007

Funny Thing...

I took all 4 kids to Whataburger the other day (Alexis, Anoe, Kalista, and Xander). Alexis was peeling off the cheese on her burger because I forgot to order hers without any. We were just discussing how Alexis doesn't like cheese on burgers but she does like cheese sticks.

Kalista says, "Maybe you just need some home-made cheese."

Then Alexis says, "Well, didn't people used to make home-made cheese and milk back in the 80's?"


ericaprosser said...

not in our house! gross!

Amanda said...

That story makes me laugh everytime I hear it. Mom probably laughed at us when we would say stuff like, wasn't that just invented back in the 60's when it was really invented back in the 20's or whatever. You know what I"m trying to say.