Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm In Love!!!

I'm in love and I don't care who knows! I want to go to mountaintops and yell out my new found love! I want to run naked down the street proclaiming my love!! Okay, well, maybe not that far but I seriously want to tell everyone I come into contact with. Special thanks goes to Brandi Wilson for introducing us. Seriously, Brandi this couldn't have been possible with out you.

Okay, let me tell you.

I am in love with Bare Minerals makeup! Yes, it's true! I had pretty much stopped wearing any kind of makeup except for eye stuff because it either made my skin break out more or just made my current break outs look worse. Then at the BFW Brandi let me sample some of her stuff. I wasn't quite sure if I liked it or not. I couldn't really tell I had makeup on at all. Which, after so many years of living with the Makeup Line (girls know what i am talking about), didn't seem so natural to me. Anyway, in July I ordered my own kit. It has been so awesome since then. All my friends have commented repeatedly how nice my skin looks and how good my makeup looks too. For a little while there, I am became a pseudo Bare Minerals Saleslady. I even did a mini-makeover on my sister and now she loves it too. Brandi and I are thinking about becoming Bare Minerals Representatives.


Amanda said...

You're so funny. At first I was like What?!?! You're in love? You never told me! You know how I'm kind of slow sometimes. Love ya!!

Aaron & Rachel said...

I'm also in love with that stuff!! I'm going to buy some tomorrow! I bought my kit last year in October and I just ran out. . . ok, it's been a few months since I've worn it, but still!!!