Thursday, November 30, 2006

Update on the Upperlip Situation


Yeah, come to find out that I was so right and it is NOT cool to have scabs around my mouth. Go figure. Pretty much 80% of my upperlip is still numb and another 25% is scabbed over, only my left side though. Kalista was trying to help me out earlier and was trying to wipe it away. She thought I had ketchup on my face. What a sweet little girl.

Oh, and upon closer investigation (me just staring into my compact mirror for a few hours at my scabby upperlip), I have found three hairs that were not acidized off. Can you believe it! I practically have a cleft lip, but I still have a 3-hair moustache!

Everytime I see someone, I have the almost uncontrollable urge to explain to them that it isn't herpes, that I just spent too much time with Nair on my face, that I am not contagious and would they please stop staring at it! Boy am I glad it's almost the weekend. It'll give me time to recuperate from this Beauty War wound.

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