Friday, November 03, 2006

Personal Savior

I have heard the phrase, "Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior" so many times. I never really thought about, just heard and used it as a kind of cliche. Today, I was reading one of my dear dear friend's blogs, and it hit me just how personal God really is. I was thinking about her hardships and difficulties that she has been having with her son. I was also thinking about the difficulties that I have been going through in my life. Our problems are in completely different areas, but we know each other's pain in our hearts. God has put situations in both our lives that are perfectly fitted to our minds, personalities, and our faith. He has brought us through these "deserts" to help us grow in each of these areas. I can't say this for sure for my friend, but the area where I am hurting and going through so much pain and sacrifice is the exact area that has been source of separation from God. God knows me. I mean, He knows me. He knows exactly what it will take to bring me to where I need to be to worship Him fully and selflessly. He knows what hurts me the most. He knows what can bring me to my knees. He knows what brings me complete joy. He knows my thoughts when I first wake, my last thought before I fall to sleep. He hears my prayers. He loves me. That above all else: He LOVES me. I know that He won't go beyond what is absolutely necessary grow my soul. My Father. How wonderful is that? My Father!
Psalms 139

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