Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Look, Ma! No Hair!

So, lately I have kinda noticed that the hair on my upper lip has been a little too dark and long to ignore anymore. Last night, before going to bed I decided to just Nair it off. Well, I didn't want to just sit there and wait the whole lousy 3 minutes for it to work, so I went to read my kids a book before they went to sleep. They thought it was funny and kept them quiet while I was reading. Xander said he wanted a white moustache too. Maybe later... So, there I am reading to my kids about a mouse who sleeps in a nativity scene house and my upper lip is on fire! But I couldn't stop in the middle of the story so I was trying to read as fast as possible without losing the meaning of the wonderful and heart touching story. As soon as the story ends, I throw the book to Kalista, ask her to put it up and get in bed, then rush to the bathroom to get the acid off my face.

I was able to get it off just fine, along with all the unwanted hair, and a little bit of the wanted skin.

Even as I am typing this right now, my lip is swollen, red, and numb. I am pretty sure I fried some of the nerve endings on there. I am developing a nice little scab on the left side. So, instead of the hair moustache, I have a scab moustache. And I may be wrong, but I don't think the guys think it's real sexy to have scabs near girls lips. I don't know, maybe it's just me or I could be out of touch with the kids these days, but that's just what I think.

Anyway, I thought that people should beware the dangers of Nair and upperlips. Maybe I can get Kathy Hawk to lay hands on my face and declare a healing in the name of Jesus on Sunday. I will keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

Or maybe next time you'll only leave it on for the recommended three minutes instead of the 15-20 minutes it takes to read a story! There's never a dull moment with you my dear sweet sister!

Anonymous said...

the "anonymous said" is actually from amanda but it wouldn't let me log in again!

JesusFreak said...

Well, "Anonymanda" that would be way too easy to follow the instructions. Besides, without my amusing, if somewhat painful, adventures, what would you do for fun?

Brandi Wilson said...

Okay, I know that I said I was going to to the dished before I read your blog but the title was too tempting! I'm telling you I laughed and laughed! My favorite part was you throwing the book at Kalista so you could race to wash the acid off. Oh my gosh! That is classic.
Okay, I'm going to do dishes before I read anything else.
Also, I would like to say that I love anonymous. She's a great girl.