Friday, November 03, 2006

Pray for my Son

There has been something strange going on with Xander this week. His teacher sent a note home with him describing some of his behavior. He wouldn't play at the playground, he won't participate in Motor Lab (P.E. for Pre-K), he won't eat his food at lunch, and at naptime, he goes straight to lay down instead of fidgeting and playing around like normal. At home, he is still pretty normal but has been complaining of constant tummy aches, but nothing is really wrong. He doesn't have a fever, his stomach isn't hard or overly firm, he's been using the restroom fine. He hasn't seen his father in about 10 days and he didn't get to go to counseling this week. I think he is depressed. He just isn't acting like my normal Xander. I mean, Xander's normal isn't like other kids' normal but I know my baby's behavior and this is not it. At dinner tonight, he started grabbing his rice off his plate and shoving it into his mouth, fistful after fistful. It was like he got into a frenzy all the sudden. At first I didn't even say anything because I was so shocked, then I finally had to stop him. That kind of thing is so not Xander. Usually, when he eats, he kind of spaces out until he gets full, then he gets up and leaves his food wherever he is. I have no idea if anyone ever reads this, but I just ask for you to pray for comfort for Xander and wisdom for me to know what is bothering my son and what I can do to help him.


Angela said...

At least one read and will be praying. I don't know what, but the Holy Spirit knows and can translate perfectly.

Wisdom, wisdom to you and peace.

May Xander hear and receive and have healing from the Father who, as you said knows us perfectly, through whatever it is that is troubling him.

Ashlee said...

How odd. I will be praying and thinking of him this week. I didn't know you had this blog as well. (I saw a comment you left on Brandi's)