Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smart Car

I've been searching for a car to buy lately. I'm looking for something nice, affordable, and that speaks to my soul.

Until I get there, I want to show you my dream car. This is the car I would buy if money were not an option. Or if I didn't have any children.

You see that sweet ragtop this one has? Yeah, that's not standard.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting choice. I think they are cute...but not cute enough to actually buy one. Of course, they're probably only like a million dollars or so.

Jennifer said...

Brand spanking new out of the box they're about $43,000.

Anonymous said...

there are several I have seen in Abilene. We actually spoke to a man oh owns one and David and I got to sit in one. they are cool BUT WAY NO ROOM that is for sure.