Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At my job I am responsible for keeping track of attendance and membership. Since the church I work at has an average age of 45-65, we have more funerals than most churches (at least I think). Last year, it seemed we had at least one funeral every month. It was getting kind of weird.

Today I had to take someone off our membership rolls because of death. Usually it doesn't bother me too much because the person isn't someone I know too well. Today I did know the person well. Today we had her funeral at the church. She was such a sweet woman. She was 60 and played the drums for the worship band for the Methodist church. She was just as into Twilight as I am. In fact, she let me borrow the last two books because I couldn't wait for mine to be delivered. She always told the funniest stories that you wouldn't think a 60-year-old woman would tell. She was musically gifted. It seemed like she could play anything sh picked up. I got to see her play the drums, guitar, all kinds of handbells. I learned at her funeral that she once took a belly dancing class.

I miss Susan Black.


God's Warrior Bride said...

It is sad that we never know how long someone will be in our lives and it is even sadder that we never really know how much we care for and love them until they are gone.

What a great impression Susan made on you and what wonderful memories you have to remember her.

trish said...

Hey, just in case. I want you to know that you have enriched my life however long either one of us is here. Thanks for being you. I am sorry for your loss. Give yourself ten years- 60 is not old at all. Age is relative. Coolness beyond 20 is timeless....