Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Late Resolutions

Have I ever mentioned that I am a huge procrastinator? Well, I am. That's why I only blog every other blue moon. Anyway. I've been thinking about what resolutions I want to do this year. I'm tired of doing the same old ones like "I want to lose weight" or "I want to be more wise with my money" or "I want to stop buying velcro on the black market"...Just kidding about that last one. Here are some REAL resolutions that I can actually attain. I came up with 9 since it's 2009.

1. I resolute to wear my seat belt every single time I drive anywhere.

2. I resolute to eat out one time less each week.

3. I resolute to teach Xander how to tie his shoes.

4. I resolute to get a plant and not kill it within a month.

5. I resolute to be more active with my children's school work.

6. I resolute to throw away left overs sooner.

7. I resolute to try more "stuff" with my husband.

8. I resolute to buy picture frames for my pictures that are sitting in a box.

9. I resolute to not throat punch anyone this year.

I'm not promising I can keep all of them but I think #9 will probably be my easiest one to keep.


High in Demand said...

My only resolution for the year was to avoid being throat punched. We've got another reason to be "besties" this year.

Friendship Lives On.

Amanda said...

I think you've been hanging out with Mom alittle too much. Throat punching? Really? That's really random. Even for you.

Jennifer said...

I watched Lethal Weapon 4 the other day. It had a lot of throat punching, and neck chopping, and round-house kicks. I've been influenced.

God's Warrior Bride said...

My only resolution this year was to not throat punch as a first response. I want to think it through first and then throat punch. Yes, the thinking it through part helps me to justify the punch.