Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What the H-E-Double Hockeysticks!!

I am so frustrated right now!! I feel like punching somebody's cat. Seriously!

I got a call from my bank, Bank of America (BoA) on Sunday letting me know that they noticed "unusual activity" in my account with my debit card. The rep asked me to verify the last 3 transactions that were made and none of them were made by me. I don't really even use that bank anymore since I started an account with First Financial (FFB) here in Clyde. I mean I only had like 33 cents in there. There ended up being 6 fraudulent transactions in all. Four $1 charges for apple itunes, one $433 charge for, and one $117 charge for

So I spent about 45 minutes talking to the rep to get everything figured out. She canceled my debit card and ordered a new one for me. She also said that their "security" team will be pursuing this. They'll be getting all the information together about the transactions to file a case against whoever is making these charges and then send me affidavits on each fraudulent charge. Then they'll credit my account back all the money.

Then this morning I checked my FFB account and there were charges on there for apple itunes! I wanted to scream! How is this even happening? I called FFB, got that debit card canceled, and reordered. So, this means that both of my bank accounts are un-usable right now and I only have 2 stinking weeks to my wedding!! What the heck!?!

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.


High in Demand said...

Maybe it's your sister.

I'm just kidding! That's terrible! The nerve of that nerd stealing your money! I mean come on!

Praise the Lord the bank called you before it got even worse!

High in Demand said...

Hey, can't the apple store see what address the $433 item was sent to?
Just a thought.

Amanda said...

Maybe it's your sister? What? I thought we agreed it was Tony!

Anonymous said...

man that is bad, but it will all work out...