Monday, December 03, 2007

A Nice Day Out

I hardly ever put up any pictures so I wanted to share some with y'all. I took the kids out walking around downtown Sunday and we had loads of fun. Oh, I am in love with Jim Halpert and I don't care who knows!

Alexis, Kalista, Xander, and me acting silly. Or we could be on our way to a rock concert. You never know.

These are the spider monkeys attacking a lamppost in downtown Abilene. They're dangerous!

And here we have a picture of me taking a picture of something else. It was probably the spidermonkeys.

This is me Hardcore and me Sweet.

This is me pretending that Porsche is actually my sweet new ride. (can anyone say OLD SCHOOL)

And, last, a shot from the best show EVER!! (the Office)

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mccobbey said...

Amen, sistah.

A couple of cups I own:

World's Best Boss
World's Best Employee
I love Jim.