Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Because I Like Pictures

Because I like pictures, I am going to put some more up. Sorry if you're allergic to pictures with incredibly cool people in them.

Herer's Anoe and Xander actually getting along and being sweet to each other. They look gangsta.

Hopefully they will stay this sweet throughout their teenage years.

Kalista wrote this on her hand and then took a picture of it. I found it when I was uploading pictures from my camera to my computer. It summarizes the whole being of Kalista.

I can't help it! I love any picture with Xander rockin' the Mohawk. It looks so good on him!

Kalista & Xander with their dad. (for those of you wondering what he looks like)

And I absolutely love any picture with Kalista with no teef (yes, teef)

Xander closes it out by rockin out in the Ladies' Truckstop Restroom. Only he could pull it off.


Pamelotta said...

Hey, I didn't know Xander had double-jointed thumbs! Just like me!

He really is cool!

JesusFreak said...

He gets those thumbs from his dad. I thought for sure hanging out in the truckstop bathroom would have made him cool...

Anonymous said...

i love the pics-keep 'em coming!