Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Found, Found, Found!!!!!

I found my keys!! When it happened, music started playing in hte background and I started running in slow motion towards them. Then I picked them up and twirled slowly in circles and gave them kisses all over. Then I remembered that I found them in the deep crevices of my couch and ran to the bathroom to sterilize my lips.

I don't know if anyone really prayed for me, but I am VERY appreciatve of anyone who did.

Oh, and thank you God.


Gail Vinson said...

Yes, I prayed. Losing keys is very scary.

JesusFreak said...

Thank you Gail. I will give you a really big hug next time I see you!

Pamelotta said...

I'm kind of embarrassed because while I was reading your blog I was actually picturing you running toward the keys. 0nly it was a person in a key costume [kind of like a mascot at a football game] and instead of a couch, you were running toward each other in a field of daisies on the most beautiful clear summer day. Ahhhhh, it was so romantic.

Then I realized I watch too many chick flicks.

Anonymous said...

i heard the "chariots of fire" theme song as i was reading. very dramatic!