Monday, August 14, 2006

First Day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of school for Kalista and Xander. Kalista is NOT excited about this. For some reason, she got it in her head that she could only go to school if she was 6. I don't know where that came from...seriously. Well, she turns 6 on Sept. 12, which about a month away and she is not feeling the whole starting-school-before-her-birthday thing. To tell the truth, I am not that excited either. This means that I am going to have to get up even earlier and try to fight the crazy morning school rush traffic and then speed off to get on the highway to try to get to work on time in Clyde. Plus, I haven't been able to afford to buy her or Xander any school supplies or school clothes. Yuck...I absolutely hate that. I feel like I am living my stupid childhood all over again through my children. I love having a job, but I don't get to spend harly any time with my babies. Because I got so behind on some of my bills, all my paycheck is going to pay for those instead of school things. Although, on a good note, we got to meet Kalista's teacher today. She is so tiny! When I walked in, I thought she was one of the kids from another grade. If you can actually believe this, but I am taller than her! Whoa! I guess that is reason enough to love her! Tomorrow will be when I get to meet Xander's new teacher. I am praying that he gets Mrs. Turner (Kalista's Pre-K teacher). She already knows Xander and his "problems." I will enjoy Cinnamon Roll Fridays again though. Although, I probably wont be able to eat with them like I used to...(enter look of utter sadness here)


verbny said...

I like the way you write. I read your story on agent b and followed the link to your blog. I'm sure you will have many people praying for you, and you can count me in that group. I just had to say don't stop blogging.
You're good at it, and I want to read it.

JesusFreak said...

thanks so much verbny for the prayers. Lord knows I need them!

Angela said...

I'm verbny's daughter-in-law. He asked if I knew you, which I don't, but I also read your story on agent b and followed your link. My heart goes out to you. I'm pretty much at home with my 2 kids- and often wonder how people can possibly do this single, because it's already so hard with 2! I admire you greatly for the stand you took. I'm sure it was painful and will continue to be in many ways. Just wanted you to know I'm rooting for you and may the Lover give you strength, peace, wisdom and love, love, love as you walk the narrow path.