Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Any Recommendations?

Since I admitted in front of everyone that my kids are lacking in knowledge in the Bible area, I wanted to ask for advice from other people whose children are not.

What are you doing?

What works to keep them interested and learning at the same time?

What material would you recommend so I can teach them biblical things on their level?

Are there any websites?

What kind of activities help them want to learn about the Bible?



Agent B said...

I always saw the gospel as "doing" - as opposed to "knowing".

If you're not already, I'd encourage your kids to do things.

Like give. Ask them to go through toys and give something away.

Or serve. Just bring them along to help a friend or neighbor. Clean their yard or whatever.

Somewhere along the line you can slip in bible backing to all of this, like Matt 25:31-46.

Jennifer said...

Ugh. That means I have to actually DO something. Yuck!

Just kidding! Those are really good ideas. Thanks Agent B. I think I would still like to teach them stuff, but actions do speak louder than words.

High in Demand said...

I have two suggestions.

#1. Randy and I have a kid's devotional Bible that we read to the girls before they go to bed. It's only one page that has a scripture & a little story with it.

#2. Find out what Rachel is teaching for the month. I'm sure she would tell you, and then you can go over the same Bible stories so the kids could hear it twice in one week. Also, Rachel has these great monthly devotions that she could tell you how to order. I really liked them. For the whole month it focused on a virtue. There was a CD you listened to in the car, a few lessons to go over & some creative ideas on how to incorporate the virtue in everyday situations. My kids really enjoyed them.

Anyway, they had lessons from the Bible in them.

Hopefully that helps.

Rachel said...

I have a bunch of those devotionals left over. . . just sitting on a shelf in my office. They are on virtues and you focus on one a month. Anyway, let me know if you want one or two. I can walk you through how to use them and I'm serious when I say that it doesn't take any time at all!! ;)

I do like Agent B's suggestions, too!

Jennifer said...

Brandi, excellent suggestions.

Thank you Rachel for the offering those devotionals. I really think the CD will help too.