Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Random Picture Time!!!

This picture is from almost a year ago when Women of Worth went to Six Flags. That was so much fun! I embarrassed Pam, Cherith, & Pam's sister there. Good times, good times.

This is on a big electric thing at the Jr. High. When I read it, I just had to stop and take a picture because I thought it was flipping funny. So whatever you do, do NOT molest this machine.

We were in the waiting room waiting (go figure) for the dr. to call us back and I told Tony to make a funny face. So he did. He looks kind of monkey-ish.

Xander and Kalista's first time on horses. Xander is very much more excited than Kalista. I had to force Kalista to smile and stay on the horse. Evidently she thought it was a bit lame to ride a horse smaller than her. Whatevs. (After I posted this, I looked at the picture of Xander and it looked like he's flipping the bird. But he's not. He's giving the Rock sign. Just to let you know)

This is Mason, my nephew, and Jaxon, Rachel's "baby" Mason and Jaxon are about 4 weeks apart. I love this picture.

Taking pictures of kids asleep on road trips is so much fun!! Especially when they pile on each other and look really funny.

This a very creepy "art" piece in downtown Abilene. We found it because we were looking for Tim & Stephanie's wedding and went to the totally wrong place. Don't ever get married at this place. It's creepy.


Amanda said...

You are so weird. Don't you have any work to do?

High in Demand said...

LUV the pictures!

That first one is the best...obviously!

trish said...

I love your new layout. Tree of Life. Sweet.


You make me laugh. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.