Thursday, August 07, 2008

God is Good

Things have been a little bit tight financially lately. Things have just not been falling into place for the last couple of months. We went on vacation in June and I saved up money for that, but I still spent more than I should have. Tony didn't get a job as soon as we thought he would. I started paying my student loans and Tony's bills when he moved over here. I don't know if anyone else has noticed but full grown men eat a lot. So there was extra groceries. And then I accidentally paid my phone and car insurance twice this month which caused my account to be seriously overdrawn. Through all of this I hadn't been trusting God very much (not just with financial stuff as you know from my previous post).

But just since my spiritual break through last week, things have really started to change in all areas. I've been on the phone everyday trying to get the whole phone and car insurance mess figured out and today I finally saw the first refund to my bank account which made it go back into the black. Yay!! (Red numbers are never good when it comes to money.) Then I called my mom and asked if what she thought about sponsoring one of my kids for school supplies. I was really nervous about asking her because she usually doesn't do stuff like that. But she told me that she had already planned on buying BOTH of the kids' school supplies!! Yay x2!! All I had to worry about then was school clothes. Thankfully because my wonderful sister has two daughters with an overabundance of clothes, I am able to get some for Kalista for free. So now it's just Xander to find clothes for. He's a little harder. I looked at Goodwill for clothes for him but they just didn't have very much for boys. Rachel said it's most likely because boys are so much rougher on clothes so they don't get to make it to the secondhand shops. It was also hard because I just don't know very many people who have boys. Except Rachel! So I called her to see if her boys have any old clothes that she would mind giving me for Xander. She said she would look through the stuff she has and let me know.

Well, today at work I was looking out my window when Rachel pulled up. When she came into my office, she handed me some money telling me it was to buy Xander some school clothes. She said God told her to do it. I love Rachel so much. She is always so giving and a lot more graceful than I am. Over the years, her and Aaron have helped my family so many times. My heart is to one day be able to give like they do, and so many other people in our church family.

I really believe that all these blessings, and the ones still to come, are because I am dying to my will and letting His live in me. Even though I am scared, I am letting God take my hand and lead me. God is just so good. He saw my little need and took care of me when I finally let Him.

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Anonymous said...

I don't check blogs ONE day and BAM! You post like 50. So I'm really glad the Lord says you can kiss. I'm super pumped God is gaining more control. Things are so much better with Him in the drivers seat. The picture of the tonka truck strapped to the semi made me laugh so hard that a baby almost popped out. And yay for financial blessings! We serve a rich God!