Monday, February 18, 2008

Drum Roll Please

So, I went to the Dr's appointment last Thursday. He didn't give me any news either way. He did seem positive about everything though. And plus no monster came out & jumped at him or anything while he was down there (which, in my book, is always good). He said he would call me when he gets the results from that Pap Smear which should be in about 10 days. What the heck?? This is the 2000's! Isn't there some kind of instant Cancer test? I mean, there are home drug tests! C'mon!! Anyway, I guess I'm just gonna wait til then.

And not to turn this blog into a Lifetime movie or anything, but I really wanted to tell everyone thanks so much for being so supportive through this thing. I don't really like to talk about it in person and I cover up a lot of my worry with "I'm fine" & "It's going good" so I know it's been kinda hard for people to know how I'm really feeling. So, just thanks for the prayers & encouragement & comforting words.

Okay, Dr. Phil hour is over.


MONICA said...

Some lifetime movies are good, and every now and again Dr. Phil redeems Texans with some insight! Anyway you are covered in prayer and support. Love you so much...keep me posted.

High in Demand said...

I always find it easier to "lose it" on the phone then I do in person.
The other day I was having a hard time about something and I ran into Joel Trueblood and he asked me how I was doing. I caught myself just standing there, probably with my mouth hanging open, and I was just staring at him. I was trying to process if he was wanting me to say "fine" and go about my business or if he was really asking me how I was doing, and if he was really asking me, how far I was willing to go into it with him.
He snapped me out of my strance by saying, "Whoa. You don't have to say anything."

Anyway, all that to say...I understand that it's hard sometimes to talk about your true feelings. At the same time a lot of those emotions and thoughts need to come out so however you find it best to communicate then do that.

Amanda said...

You know how much I LOVE lifetime movies! I don't think the doctor calls when the test results come back normal so you might want to call him in a few days.

trish said...

I am believing for the best for you no matter the report. I will believe the report of the Lord. You are being healed. Even if they say to have a procedure - fine, but you are healed. ANd you are loved, and dang it I stinkin miss you. I need me some Jenniferinthehouse!

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with lifetime movies?

p.s.i'm just giving you a hard time.

JesusFreak said...

Lifetime Movies are all propaganda. It's a plot from the government. What plot, I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know when I do.

Amanda said...

Whatever! Lifetime movies are the best. I think you're all propaganda and you're a plot form the government. Yeah I know that makes no sense what-so-ever, but that's how I roll.