Monday, November 12, 2007


The church I work at is in serious need of prayer. There has been much turmoil, sadness, and hurt feelings lately. The Youth director handed in his resignation yesterday, the Pastor also gave notice of his leaving the church, and then early this morning the Pastor's mother died. Other things have been going on that have really been tearing this church apart. People have gotten hurt over a decision that was made recently. This church has split once already because of a similar situation. I don't think it can take another one. Although, I am not "officially" a member of this church, I still feel like I am a part of it. I love all these people. So many of them have loving hearts. I have many funny, tender, prayerful, happy memories with them. I hate that they keep having to go through so much crap. The Pastor is hurting really bad right now. I'm not really sure how to comfort him. I don't think his decision is the best decision for him or the church. There have been one or two people who have already made me mad in this situation. Someone has already called the office to talk about the Pastor leaving and they were just being so calloused about it. I'm not good at handling these kinds of things. I feel like this church has a 3rd degree burn and instead of letting it heal nicely, they're picking at it constantly. I just wish I had some kind of "spiritual" salve to rub all over the walls and pews and alters and rooms and offices and even the bathrooms.

I just feel so lost and saddened about it all. I want God to come to this place and save this church.

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High in Demand said...

I love you so much. You're words were so loving.

The wonderful thing is that your desires for that church is the same that Jesus has for them. He is the healing salve for that church body right now. Nothing is impossible for him. He can do amazing restoration to each one of the members! Let that continue to be your prayer that the God of restoration will come and heal their minds, emotions and wounds. It's his desire to do those things. It's not too late or too far out of his reach!