Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hope, Dreams, and Everything in Between

I have been hearing a lot of talk about people hoping, dreaming, and believing in things to come. When I would hear others talk about having those dreams for the future, I realized that I had no dreams. I didn’t dream of someday being rich, or being the best at something, or even for something greater than where I am at now. I also realized that I believed a lie that I didn’t even know I believed: That things of greatness and abundance were not for me. At first I didn’t even know what I could possibly hope or dream for. I was thinking that there was nothing that could be done about my life and the way it is. There I was again limiting God and what He could do by putting my limits on Him. What the heck is wrong with me? I mean, come on! If He could split the Red Sea, then He could surely produce a few measly requests of mine! So here is my list of things I am believing for. Enjoy!

--Confidence in myself. I will be confident in my own skin and be strong in situations where I usually just fold into a crumpled mess.
--A job that is different than this one. There are things about this one that are better suited for someone with a different personality type. But I only want to leave this job if it is the Lord’s will. If a new job isn’t His will, then I want to be equipped with new “tools” to handle situations.
--A computer for my home. Maybe a laptop. I don’t know.
--A solution for my daycare problem for my kids for during the summer where I don’t feel guilty about pawning them off on other people.
--Total and complete healing over my entire body. I am sick and tired of dealing with these stupid female troubles.
--A serious situation to arise where I will have cause to shave my legs….
--Clean, clear, blemish free skin PERMANENTLY
--A supernaturally increased metabolism
--Less hair where I don’t want it and more where I do
--A new home. I need it to be bigger, better air conditioned, cheaper, and windows able to be opened so my sister can live with me
--Child support!!!!!!

Some of it seems kinda silly, but I am totally claiming it. Every night and morning I am going to pray these things into existence. Just like Rachel, I will be keeping track of each prayer answered.


Monica said...

That stupid devil does not want you to believe the AMAZING gifts and destiny that God has for you. has been confirmed by many people who know you, and I am no exception, I see you being a powerful and mighty woman of God, enjoying all the abundance you "can't" imagine! I am so happy you have identified that nasty lie!
I am agreeing with you for all the things on your list! (Can it dito most of it for myself, too?) You will receive all this and more and more! I decree it in the name of Jesus!

Can't wait for the praise report!

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

I love you and I cannot wait to see your DONE list! Rock on King Jesus. WE bless you for the covenant relationship you have with Jenn and the provision you have in mind for her.

God's Warrior Bride said...

I am so proud of you and your desire to continually seek out God's will for you. You are a delight and a joy to everyone who knows you. Continue to believe in your dreams and know that God does have a mighty purpose for you. I stand in agreement with you on your list.

Anonymous said...

I'm believing with you! I think your list is awesome! Can I steal the hair one? Thanks! Can't wait till tomorrow...I'm believing for miracles and supernatural heaing for you this weekend!